Scuola Toscana

Officially recognized by Italian Ministry of Education
Italian Language School SCUOLA TOSCANA

Scuola Toscana - Via de' Benci, 23
50122 Firenze ITALIA TEL/FAX +39 055 244583

scuolatoscana SCHOOL PROFILE


scuolatoscana is a school of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners, located in the heart of the historical centre of Renaissance Florence; We are in Tuscany, the center of Italy: cities like Siena, Lucca, Arezzo, Pisa, the Chianti hills, the Thyrrenian coast are all just an hour away by train.

In the past 30 years about 20,000 students representing more than 30 nationalities - and of all ages - have discovered the Italian language and the Italian culture at the scuolatoscana, and time and again we hear from them that their fondest school memories involve the human element: fellow students, teachers, guides, staff, people met during the activities. scuolatoscana students have friends all over the world, and return to visit them again and again.

scuolatoscana is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. This is a guarantee of quality for the students, and makes it easier when you need a studium visa to come to Italy.

scuolatoscana is a proud member of: AIL (Accademia Italiana di Lingua) ASILS (the Association of the Schools of Italian as a Second Language).

scuolatoscana courses are acknowledged as educational leave in Germany and recognised by the Swedish CSN; our DILC exam has been recognized by the UFFT (Swiss Federal Office for professional education and technology).

Take a look at all our courses and offers, and you'll surely find the right course for you !

THE ADVANTAGES OF scuolatoscana

  • 01

    A maximum of 8 students per class.

  • 02

    Starting dates available every two weeks, 12 months a year.

  • 03

    Courses from one week up to three years.

  • 04

    Complete assistance for Visa procedure for long duration courses.

  • 05

    The accommodation programme: a wide choice of apartments and selected families in Florence (no commission)

  • 06

    Proficiency evaluation once a course is completed, various Certificates and Diplomas, AIL (Accademia Italiana di Lingua) and CILS (Università per Stranieri di Siena).

  • 07

    Customer service: assistance and courtesy, "no surprise" prices.

  • 08

    Middle size school; not too small, not too big, from 60 to 100 students a month.

TEACHERS OF scuolatoscana

All of our teachers are native speakers, with an University degree and certified as instructors of Italian as second language.


  • 01

    To study Italian is a good excuse to make holidays in Italy.

    As everyone knows, the best way to learn a language is to live in the country for some time, therefore if you decide to study Italian you have a great reason to come to Italy, and Italy is a fantastic place to be: the cities, the seaside, the art, the food, the wine... and if you come to scuolatoscana you can have all this things together – just persuade your boss to pay for your language course at scuolatoscana Firenze, and we will do the rest !
  • 02

    To study Italian is a good way to socialize.

    Once upon a time, Italian was the language of trade, finance and business – fortunately, that era is over; nowadays people study Italian because they are interested in art, fashion, cooking, or just for fun. Therefore, if you study Italian you have high probabilities to be in company of nice people who learn the language with good intentions... plus, Italians notoriously like to talk with anybody, so you are sure you can use your Italian!
  • 03

    To study Italian allows you to understand the Italian "way of life".

    At least for the last 50 years Italy has been living in the middle of various crisis: economical crisis, social crisis, political crisis – but Italian are still among the happiest people on the planet. Learning Italian is the best way to discover the Italian way of life, which gives you unbeatable arms to survive in very dysfunctional communities and nightmarish bureaucratic environments (scuolatoscana Firenze offers cours in Italian for business, by the way)


  • Accommodation programme

    The school doesn't take any commission on the accommodation and the price you pay is the free-market price in Florence.


  • Free WiFi

    Wi-Fi for free for students at Scuola Toscana!


scuolatoscana has developed important partnerships and obtained references that guarantee the customer (private or business).

  • Officially recognized by Italian Ministry of Education
  • Associazione delle Scuole di Lingua Italiana per Stranieri


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