Scuola Toscana

Officially recognized by Italian Ministry of Education
Italian Language School SCUOLA TOSCANA


scuolatoscana organizes since 1989 courses of Italian language and culture, Italian language business courses, courses of Italian language for tourism.

In these years scuolatoscana has developed important partnerships and obtained references that guarantee the customer (private or business).


  • Firenze
    scuolatoscana is officially recognized by Italian Ministry of Education

    scuolatoscana has received the Patronage Comune di Firenze in 1993 - ordinance 6197 of November 10th, 1993.
    scuolatoscana is founder member of ASILS, Associazione delle Scuole di Italiano come Lingua Seconda (Association of Schools of Italian of Foreign Language) , recognised by Ministero degli Affari Esteri.
  • CILS
    As member of ASILS, scuolatoscana is authorized to organise preparation courses for CILS Diplomas of Università di Siena.

    scuolatoscana is member of AIL (Academia Italiana de Lengua), professional Association of schools, insititutions and experts in the field of teaching >Italian as a Foreign Language. Scuola Toscana is a homologated examination center of AIL.
  • Michigan State University

    Michigan State University

  • scuolatoscana has courses recognised as "Bildungsurlaub" (professional training) by the German States of Schleswig Holstein, Rheinland Pfalz, Niedersachsen, Hamburg, Berlin, Brandenburg.
  • scuolatoscana is the Florentine branch of Oesterreich Institut, the official Austrian Institution for the diffusion of German language.


Grand Valley State University, USA, Departamento de Filosofía, Alessandro Giovannelli, Ph.D.
Departamento de italiano de la Universidad de Wuerzburg, Alemania, Dr. Simone Bonafaccia
"Studio Italia KfT." Escuela para guías y traductores en Budapest, Hungría, Dr.Salusinsky Gabor
Departamento de Educación del Kanton Graubuenden (Suiza), proyecto "educación en la segunda lengua" Amt fur Volksschule und Sport, Prof. Josef Senn
Instituto de Comercio "CEC Nicolas Bouvier" in Ginebra (Suiza), Prof. Clara Varga
scuolatoscana welcomed also students from these firms :

Telekurs (CH), ICE Tokyo (JPN), Schering Agrochemical Dept. (D), Ecole du Ski Francaise (F), Kaerntner Sparkasse (A), Villa Porofino Hotels (USA), Kantonalbank Zürich (CH), Kantonalbank Graubünden (CH), Markeds Okonom (DK), FDE (DK), Lufthansa (D), Cassina Japan (JPN), Florence City Authority (I), Transworld Publishers (UK), Asea Brown Boveri (CH), Sparda Bank Mainz (D), Catholic University (AUS), Sumitomo Corp Italia (I), Omega GmbH (D), Caltech (NL), Delta Airlines (USA), MC Gill University (CAN), Unilever (UK), Matsui Marine (JPN), Star Trek Prod. (USA), Hilton Hotel Vienna (A), Hilton Hotel Budapest (M),Swiss Bank Corp (CH), Cresta Palace Hotel St. Moritz (CH), Malev Airlines (M), La Poste Suisse (CH), UBS (CH), Kärtner Sparkasse (A), KPMG Linz (A), Ikea (S), Hilton Hotel Wien (A), Deutsches Bundesministerium für Bildung (D), Lufthansa (D), SBB (CH), Eurocard (CH), Erziehung und Kultur Departement Kanton Graubuenden (CH), Eli Lilly (I), Allianz Versicherungen (A), Julius Baer Bank (CH), Villeroy & Boch (D), Mitsubishi (JPN), Ferrero Budapest (M), Gucci Spa (I), Daimler Chrysler (D), Ramada Hotel Geneve (CH)



A GREEN CHOICE : Italian language courses, environmentally responsible

Even if a school of Italian language is not a big polluter, or a terrible energy eater, we think that everyone on the planet has to do her/his part - therefore it is our responsibility to work in the most sostenible way.

As a matter of fact, since 1989 we at the scuolatoscana have been trying to keep its impact on the environment as low as possible, implementing the following plans.

  • We sort waste in recyclable and not recyclable (often through personal hand-picking in the classes baskets!); recyclable are divided in paper, glass, plastic, metal. Batteries and lamps can be consigned to the secretary desk.
  • For copies and prints, as for the brochures, office papers, envelopes etc., we previously used recycled paper, and since 2004 we use only FSC (Forest Stewardship Certificate) paper. We carefully use every sheet of paper on the two sides.
  • We use only low-energy lighting, through electronic lamps and special neon lights.
  • For printers and copiers, we participate in a programme of toner and cartridge recycling run by Hewlett Packard Italia.
  • The majority of our teachers, the whole of our staff and directors go to work by public transport or by bicycle. The activities offered by the school are also organised by public transportation .We also do recommend our students to do the same, when they plan their travel to Florence.
  • Plastic bottles are a big problem in our city - as they tend to clog our waste bins allover Florence. We advice the students not to buy water in plastic bottles. The tap water in Florence is perfectly drinkable (daily controlled by the City Authority, where the commercial waters are controlled on weekly basis), and there are many "fontanelli" (public water taps) allover the city, for ex. in Piazza Santa Croce and in Piazza Signoria (Palazzo Vecchio) with high quality tap water.
  • We are personally involved through membership and volunteering with several environmentally active organisations.

Studying Italian at the scuolatoscana, you make also an "environmentally sensible" choice.