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Art History

Florence, city of Renaissance, is the ideal place to study history of art and to learn the Italian language.

Florence offers a wonderful richness of art and architecture: join us in this exciting art history course and meander through the medieval street of Santa Croce.

Discover the marvelous Uffizi Gallery, admire the breathtakingly beautiful David di Michelangelo.

Understand the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, explore the Brunelleschi majestic Cupola, with time devoted to the thrilling experience of visiting some of the less known sides of the old city. This is a complete course about the most famous era of art history of Italy. Learn italian in Italy and immerse yourself in Italian Renaissance Culture - in Florence.

Thanks to the art history courses organised by scuolatoscana you will come to know the Italian art history through vivid lesson provided by your dedicated teachers of Italian and art history.

Our Italian courses and art history courses are taught in a relaxed and interactive style. Through illustrated lectures, guided visists, (tickets for all the museums are included). Giotto, Botticelli, Masaccio, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Filippo Lippi, Beato Angelico, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci!

Per day : 2 lessons Italian language + 2 lessons history of art

You will learn about the everyday life of the Renaissance, and the secrets of the Maestri through classes, interpretative walks, visits to museums and galleries: every visit designed and accompanied by an Italian teacher, who is also specialised in history of art.

PRICES 2022/2023
1 week (20 lessons)€ 418
2 weeks (40 lessons)€ 629
3 weeks (60 lessons)€ 902
4 weeks (80 lessons)€ 1,176
5 weeks (100 lessons)€ 1,418
6 weeks (120 lessons)€ 1,698
8 weeks (160 lessons)€ 2,172
10 weeks (200 lessons)€ 2,702
12 weeks (240 lessons)€ 3,236

NO SURPRISE PRICE Transport and Museum tickets included!