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Photography course

Firenze is the perfect setting for photography.

The photography course at scuolatoscana offers dynamic activities, teaching the basic and more advanced photographic techniques through theoretical lessons but also with trips and walks of historical and artistic interest.

The course is meant for people who plan to work with a reflex camera, but you can participate even with just a small digital camera.

The course is introduced by a brief look at the history of photography from the early pioneers to the evolution of analogue and digital.

A visit to the famous Museo Alinari of Florence - with photos dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century - completes the course.

For students interested in analog photography in black and white our instructors introduce a view to Education Morgana – a lab which stills makes art prints in the darkroom, in an alchemy of art and technical perfection.

Walking through the city of Florence the students are invited to seek the "perfect" shoot, both under the technical and the artistical point of view, and they are trained to observe the views and details of the Renaissance city with different eyes.

On some occasions our course offers the students the possibility to realize real reportage themes in the Old Town , such as markets, monuments, people, reflections, etc. , thus discovering and stimulating the creativity in everyone.

With this course we organise "photographic trips" to the art cities of Tuscany such as Siena, Pisa, Volterra, Fiesole etc.. On these occasions, we admire the most famous historical centers of the world with the eye of the photograph, always looking for the best shoots, learning to photograph the "object d'art", modern and ancient.

For example, in one of the newer courses we decided to take a lesson in the city of Pisa ; we immediately headed to the Blue Palace, which on that occasion hosted an exhibition by the Russian painter Kandinsky; later we went to the famous Piazza dei Miracoli through the less crowded streets and squares, discovering "minor" places usually unknown to tourists, but perfect to be immortalized. Arrived in the famous square we entered the Museum "Sinopie", which preserves the preparatory drawings for the frescoes of the Duomo and the Baptistery, works of extraordinary historical and artistic interest.

Before leaving the Piazza de' Miracoli we entered the cathedral, by exercising the right shooting without flash in the darkest environments. Heading back towards the station could not miss some shots on the Keith Haring fresco, the last work of the American artist.

Per day : 2 lessons Italian language in class + 2 hours Photography course (3 lessons a week)

PRICES 2022/2023
1 week, 10 lessons Italian language + 3 lessons of photography
2 weeks, 20 lessons Italian language + 6 lessons of photography
3 weeks, 30 lessons Italian language + 9 lessons of photography
4 weeks, 40 lessons Italian language + 12 lessons of photography
5 weeks, 50 lessons Italian language + 15 lessons of photography
6 weeks, 60 lessons Italian language + 18 lessons of photography
8 weeks, 80 lessons Italian language + 24 lessons of photography
10 weeks, 100 lessons Italian language + 30 lessons of photography
12 weeks, 120 lessons Italian language + 36 lessons of photography

NO SURPRISE PRICE includes: course, fees, photography lessons and a certificate at the end of the course.