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DMFC FAMILY CLUB - Italian course for kids and family

FAMILY CLUB - Italian course for kids and family

Course for kids Course for family

Learn Italian language in Florence with children!

After 30 years of experience in teaching Italian as a second language to students from all over the world, we have opened our courses to the families. Our new programs are designed to engage, enrich and delight all generations.

scuolatoscana has developed courses of Italian language for kids, children and the entire family. Today you can come with the whole family to study Italian in Italy!

Are you a couple with a small child? A single parent with two children? Do not hesitate and come to Italy, to learn the Italian language in all its aspects.

Thanks to our specialised instructors, while adults attend an Italian language course (all levels available), children can separately learn Italian with a specialised teacher or just have fun and play with dedicated personnel, depending on the age and on your requests.

Learn Italian in the heart of Italy, Florence, even with your family!

Discover Florence and the Italian language at the scuolatoscana Family Club: while adults attend their course in Italian language with a certified teacher, the kids enjoy a variety of age-appropriate activities in a safe environment with specially trained school personnel. Courses take place in the morning and activities in the afternoon.

In the afternoon our programmes include shared activities and site visits so families can experience together the excitement of discoverying Florence.

So, let's start learn Italian and ask for an offer, writing the number of the participants, age,number of weeks...

It is available also a programm of tutoring for children who have to do their homework - in English, German or Japanese.

Examples : 1 adult
1 child
2 adults
1 child
2 adults
2 children
4 lessons of italian language course per day
+ afternoon activities
+ kid miniclub
€ 690€ 840€ 1,050

Discount for any additional week depending on the season and age of children.

If you come to Florence to work or learn Italian, we can take care of your children. They can take their school books, and we can teach them in english different general school subjects (maths, geography, science, french, etc.).
Two or three hours a day, three or four days a week - as you want, just ask us for an offer.
Depending on the lenght of your sojourn, the number of participants, the type of accommodation, etc., just ask us for it.


"...Our trip is now finalised and we will be in Firenze between the 2nd Oct and the 2nd November. I think that the ideal would be for the children to learn Italian for the morning period in a group situation if possible and to have private lessons in the afternoon. I thought that they would need 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon, Monday to Thursday. The children will have their school books with them and will need to concentrate on different subjects. Rick aged 14 is in year 9. He has done some basic Italian this year. He will mainly need to do Maths, English and geography. Sheila aged 12 is in year 7. She need teaching in English Maths geography and has also started French and German. Do you have anyone who can help her with very basic French and German?..."

"...We are a family of seven and will be in Florence for ten days - my husband and our sons (5 years to 16 years old) are beginners in Italian, while I have already a basic knowledge. We also would like to see something of Florence - what can you offer ?"

" I am a single mother of a very intelligent and sensitive girl of 12; we will be in Italy for about 2 months and would like her not to drop back with her studies, on the other side I would love to have some Italian, say, 2 hrs a day..."

"...I am interested in an Italian language course for my family in Florence: my daughter of 5 years (beginner) and me (some knowledge) would like to attend a 2 weeks Italian course, in the 2nd week my partner (beginner) would also like to attend a course. That's why for the second week we would like alternatively 1 hour private a day, so that we one of us can stay with the daughter... Accommodation (room with three beds) can be with a family with children, but it is ok also in apartment. Please let us have your best offer (for my daughter the lesson can be mixed with games, plays, etc.., because 4 hrs is a long time, please inform if it is possible to combine lessons and playing..."