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Officially recognized by Italian Ministry of Education
Italian Language School SCUOLA TOSCANA

Scuola Toscana - Via de' Benci, 23
50122 Firenze ITALIA TEL/FAX +39 055 244583

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Learn italian in Italy

Study Italian in Italy? Why? Learn Italian in Italy? Where? Italian language school in Italy? Which? For all these questions we do have answers: your scuolatoscana L'ItalianoItalian language school in Florence, since 1989. scuolatoscana organizes Italian language and culture courses in Florence, Tuscany: at the hearth of Italian, at the hearth of Italy.

The best way to learn a language? To travel in the place where the language is spoken. If you really want to learn Italian, come to Italy to study Italian.

Italian language school in Florence SCUOLA TOSCANA

scuolatoscana is a school of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners, located in the heart of the historical centre of Renaissance Florence.

In the past years about students representing more than 30 nationalities - and of all ages - have discovered the Italian language and the Italian culture at the scuolatoscana. and time and again we hear from them that their fondest school memories involve the human element: fellow students, teachers, guides, staff, people met during the activities. scuolatoscana students have friends all over the world...

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You can choose among many courses in Italian: intensive classes in Italian grammar and conversation, mixed classes with Italian language and art history, Italian language and literature, Italian language and cooking, Italian language and art practice – like drawing, fresco, photography, jewelry. According to the time you have available, can attend one course of Italian language just for one week, and maybe make full use of your time with a very intensive course or with a private Italian course.

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